ATM – Non Dispensation of Cash Case 1


Ms H had lodged a complaint on the non-dispensation of the cash at Bank A’s ATM for the amount of RM1,000.00 but her account was debited for the same amount. Ms H contends that she had waited at ATM for about 1 minute for the cash to be dispensed. She left the ATM only after the message displayed on the ATM screen stated that there were insufficient funds in her account. She did not hear the sound of cash being counted by the said ATM.


Investigation and Findings

Bank A rejected Ms H’s claim on the ground that the withdrawal of RM1,000.00 was successfully transacted and 10 pieces of RM100.00 notes was dispensed by the said ATM. According to Bank A’s Electronic Journal, the cash was dispensed 4 seconds after the card was retrieved. The cash was taken 18 seconds after it was dispensed.

The Bank’s ATM Electronic Journal, Host Report and Engineer’s Report showed that there were no irregularities or dispenser error recorded during the disputed withdrawal. There was also no occurrence of cash retraction after Ms H’s withdrawal. Bank A’s ATMs are equipped with retraction function whereby the dispensed cash will be retracted into the machines if it is not taken within 30 seconds. The ATM cash balancing showed there were no discrepancies or excess cash during the balancing period.

Bank A’s closed circuit television (CCTV) recording of the disputed withdrawal revealed that Ms H had failed to collect the cash that was dispensed during her withdrawal at the ATM. The CCTV footage showed that Ms H had moved to the next ATM immediately after she had retrieved the card from the disputed ATM. The cash was seen dispensed from the ATM around 4 seconds after Ms H had retrieved the card by which time she had moved to another ATM. Thereafter, a subsequent customer was seen removing the cash from the dispenser.


OFS's View

The CCTV recording and Bank A’s ATM journals established that the cash was dispensed about 4 seconds after the ATM card was retrieved. Ms H had left the ATM without waiting for the cash and the cash was taken by a third party. Bank A’s attempt to recover the dispensed cash from the subsequent customer was unsuccessful.



Settlement: After viewing the CCTV recording and the evidence adduced, Ms H admitted that she was at fault and the matter was settled amicably.