Stolen Credit Card


On 25/3/2017 at around 4:15 pm, Mr C went to a public swimming pool in Petaling Jaya. He put his bag containing his clothes and wallet near the bench by the pool-side where he was swimming. After completing his swim and change of clothes at around 5.40 pm, Mr C found that his wallet was missing. Amongst his personal items stolen were his credit cards issued by Bank A and another bank, Debit card, identity card, driving license and  cash. Mr C contacted the respective banks immediately to report loss of the credit and debit cards. He was informed by Bank A’s Call Centre staff that his credit card had been used to perform transaction for RM3,467.00 at a mobile phone shop at 5:03 pm on the same day. A police report was made on the same day. Mr C contended that he is a victim of theft and that he  should not be held fully liable on the disputed amount.  


Investigation and Findings

Mr C’s credit card  was blocked by Bank A on 25/3/2017 at 6:21 pm. Bank A’s record revealed that an SMS alert for the disputed transaction was sent to Mr C’s mobile phone registered with the bank at 5.03 pm on 25/3/2017. Bank A was of the view that Mr C has failed to safeguard his credit card by leaving his bag containing his wallet unattended at a public place which could easily be accessible to strangers. Moreover, the credit limit of Mr C’s card is relatively high.



During mediation session, Bank A reconsidered Mr C’s case and the fact that Mr C had reported to the bank immediately upon discovering that his credit card was stolen. The dispute was resolved amicably between Bank A and Mr C.