Delay in Lodging Police Report: Stolen Vehicle notified after 9 days


The Insured’s theft claim for the stolen vehicle was repudiated by the Insurer on the ground that the Insured had breached Condition 2 (d) of the motor policy as the Insured had only lodged the police report pertaining to the loss after a lapse of 9 days from the date of loss.


Investigation and Findings

Policy  Condition 2 (d) provides as follows:-

“In case of theft or other act which may give rise to a claim under this policy, you must without undue delay make a report to the police...”

It was therefore clear from policy Condition 2(d) that no time frame is expressly specified within which a police report for theft is to be made. This is unlike policy Condition 2 (c) which specifies that “All accidents must be reported to the police as required by law” and Section 52 (2) of the Road Transport Act 1987 specifically provide that any accident must be reported to the policy within 24 hours.

Hence, since the time within which a police report for theft of the insured vehicle has to be made was not expressly specified in the terms of the policy, the Case Manager was of the view that surrounding circumstances could be taken into account to explain a delay by the Insured to lodge a police report.

In this present case, the Case Manager  had noted from the Insured’s claim form and the  loss adjuster’s report that the reasons given by the Insured for lodging  the police report late was because she had waited for her son to return from outstation before proceeding to lodge the report. The Case Manager opined that the reason given by the Insured  was not unreasonable, particularly  considering the age and background of the Insured.

It was also observed that there was no evidence that the police had taken any action against the Insured for late lodgment of the police report since there is no legal provision to do so unlike in an accident case.

The Case Manager had  also perused the loss adjuster’s report  and noted that there is nothing to state that the delay in lodging the police report had prejudiced their investigations or that the Insured’s claim is  fraudulent. Therefore the Case Manager opined that the delay had not prejudiced the Insurer’s interest in any way.

In this respect, the Case Manager referred  to  the Bank Negara Malaysia’s Guidelines on Claims Settlement Practices – BNM/RH/GL003-9 para  which states as follows:-

An Insurer should not repudiate a claim on the following grounds:-

The underlying rationale is the authenticity of the claim.



The Insurer reviewed their decision and agreed to settle the claim.