Unauthorised Use Of Credit Card - card left at the counter


On 24/07/2016 Mr. H was received ABC Bank’s sms alerts at 10.25 pm and 11.05 pm informing him there were two unauthorised transactions charged on his credit card totalling RM931.00. When he checked his wallet, he discovered that his credit card was missing. Mr H had last used his credit card on 24/07/2016 at 3.00 pm at a supermarket in Semenyih. Mr. H immediately contacted the bank to block the credit card.


Investigation and Findings

During the mediation session, ABC Bank contended that they were unable to do a chargeback to recover the transactions as the transactions were made via Mr H’s EMV chip-based card. Two sms alerts were sent to Mr. H’s mobile number which is registered with the bank informing him on the alleged transactions performed on 24/07/2016 at 10.25 pm and 11.05 pm respectively. ABC Bank  stated that Mr. H  must at all times exercise due care to safeguard his credit card to prevent fraudster or any third party to access to his credit card. Mr. H admitted that he had unintentionally left his credit card at the supermarket after purchasing some groceries. He must have forgotten to ask for the return of his credit card from the cashier. Nevertheless, ABC Bank had on a goodwill basis agreed to waive part of the disputed amount and the finance charges incurred. 



The matter was resolved amicably between the ABC Bank and Mr H.