Client Charter



OFS is committed to provide independent, impartial, effective and prompt resolution of disputes, and claims arising from services provided by our Members (Financial Service Providers licensed or approved by Bank Negara Malaysia).


Our commitment to You


Customer Service

  • We will promptly respond to your enquiries and disputes.
  • We expect our staff to be patient, courteous, considerate and professional; in our dealing with you on your enquiries and disputes.
  • We will ensure your enquiries and disputes are treated fairly.
  • We will respond to cases which require review within seven working days. If more time is required, we will inform you.
  • We take ownership of your enquiries and disputes and undertake to resolve them if they fall under our jurisdiction.
  • We endeavour to resolve your dispute within 3 to 6 months depending on the complexity of the case.
  • We will forward your enquiries or disputes to another agency if they do not fall under our jurisdiction, and we will inform you accordingly.



No person including the member of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Ombudsman, Case Manager, officer and employee of OFS shall disclose any data, document or information relating to a disputes to any person except with prior consent from you and our Member or if required to or permitted to do so under any applicable laws, regulations or by any court.

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