Document Checklist

When filing a complaint/dispute please provide as much information as possible.

In order for us to effectively begin our investigation/mediation process, you will need to provide supporting documentation together with your written complaint. Failure to provide the supporting documents may cause delay in processing your complaint/dispute. Please be aware that a copy of your Complaint Letter/Form will be provided to the Member, if necessary.

The following documents need to be submitted to us for our consideration (whichever is applicable):

Conventional/Islamic Banking

  1. The Member's final decision (letter/email) or copy of your first complaint/dispute to the Member
  2. Duly completed OFS Complaint Form (refer to link)
  3. Duly signed original copy of the Permitted Disclosure under :-
    1. Subsection 134 (1) of the Financial Services Act 2013 - for complaints/disputes against licensed banks and approved issuers of a designated payment instrument  (refer to link)
    2. Subsection 146 (1) of the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 - for complaints/disputes against licensed Islamic banks and  approved issuers of a designated Islamic payment instrument (refer to link)
    3. Subsection 120 (c) of the  Development Financial Institutions Act 2002 - for complaints/disputes against  the prescribed development financial institution (refer to link)
  4. Correspondence (letters or email) between you and the Member
  5. Identification documents such as NRIC/Passport
  6. Summary of the complaint/dispute in chronological order
  7. Police report (if any)
  8. Bank statements (if any)
  9. Credit card sales draft/transaction slip (if any)
  10. The savings passbook or statement of account indicating the disputed transaction (if any)
  11. Disputed Automated Teller Machine (ATM)/ Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) transaction receipt (if any)
  12. Loan Statements (if any)
  13. Bancassurance policy or bancatakaful certificate (if any)
  14. Any other related documents/letters to support the complaint/dispute


  1. The Member's final decision (letter/email) or copy of your first complaint/dispute to the Member
  2. Duly completed OFS Complaint Form (refer to link)
  3. Copy of policy/certificate document/cover note
  4. Copy of medical reports (if any)
  5. Copy of police reports (if any)
  6. Copy of adjuster's report (if any)
  7. Copy of driver's licence (if any)
  8. Copy of vehicle registration card  (if any)
  9. Copy of the hospital charges/bills (if any)
  10. Any other related documents/letters to support the complaint/dispute

Please select and download the correct form(s) from the following list:-