Sharing Best Practices by UK’s Lead Financial Ombudsman


As part of OFS’ capacity building initiatives to enhance the effectiveness of our people in dispute resolution, we had conducted a two-day seminar facilitated by UK’s lead Ombudsman Ms Caroline Mitchell.

Ms Caroline who is also a solicitor has been with Financial Ombudsman Services (FOS), the UK since 2005 and possesses several years of experience in complaint handling institutions.

Among the insights shared with us including the history of financial Ombudsman, as well as the process of investigation and consideration in making fair and reasonable decisions.

Ms Caroline also expressed her views on the role and impact of the Ombudsman in upholding the values of independence, integrity and impartiality when dealing with consumers and financial institutions as well advocating and building mutual trust between them.

OFS will implement some of FOS UK’s best practices in order to provide more efficient and effective dispute resolution services to the consumers and the financial institutions in Malaysia.

A wide range of capacity building programmes are in place to further enhance the skills of our Ombudsmen and Case Managers to be at par with the established dispute resolution schemes worldwide.

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