Types of Disputes


  • Life insurance claims
  • General insurance claims
  • Takaful family claims
  • Takaful general claims

Conventional/Islamic Banking

  • Credit/Debit/Charge Cards
  • Current Account
  • Loans/Islamic Financing
  • Hire Purchase
  • Islamic Pawn Broking (Ar-Rahnu)
  • Automated Teller Machines (ATM) - short/non-dispensation of cash
  • Internet Banking
  • Cash deposit via Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)/Over the counter
  • Fixed Deposit/Savings Accounts/General Investment Accounts
  • Remittances
  • Bancassurance/Bancatakaful/Investment-linked Insurance products/ Investment-linked Takaful products;
  • An unauthorized transaction through the use of a designated payment instruments or a Islamic designated payment instruments or payment channel such as Internet banking, mobile banking, telephone banking or automated teller machine (ATM) and an unauthorized use of a cheque as defined in section 73 of the Bills of Exchange Act 1949 (Act 204) for which the limit is not more than RM25,000.00.